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24/7 Customer Support

The 3D Design Software We Use: Rhino

Key features include:

A. Free-form 3D drawing tools without constraints. In the past you could only find these tools in the same type of software for thirty to sixty times the price. Rhino is able to create any shapes you can imagine.

B. Precision for all types of design, rapid prototyping, engineering, analysis and manufacturing, from airplanes to jewelry, Rhino can achieve it.

C. Good compatibility, compatible with other design, drawing, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation and illustration software.

D. Read and repair meshes and difficult IGES files.

E. Easy to learn and use, very easy to learn and use, so that you can focus on design and imagination without being distracted from the operation of the software.

F. High efficiency, no special hardware equipment is required, and it can be executed even on a general notebook computer.

G. The development platform for hundreds of professional 3D drawing software.

H. Affordable, it’s off-the-shelf hardware that’s quick to learn, affordable, and requires no maintenance.

I. Rhino for Mac: The most versatile 3D drawing software, available on macOS.

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