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24/7 Customer Support

The introduction of the material

Inflatable models refer to inflatable products made of PVC tarpaulin material and Oxford fabric material. PVC tarpaulin is a product made by transparent PVC and mesh cloth. Through the PVC, the mesh cloth in the middle can be clearly seen. It has a strong 3D effect and moderate hardness and softness, It is an environmentally friendly and low-toxic product.

Oxford cloth, also known as Oxford spinning, is a kind of fabric with various functions and wide uses. It originated in the United Kingdom. It is a traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University. The advantages of Oxford cloth are light and thin texture, soft feel, easy to wash and dry, Soft to the touch, good absorption, good waterproof performance, bending resistance, anti-static, good tear resistance and fire resistance, also can be coated with PVC, PU and other processes

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