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The introduction of the 3D design

Generally speaking, “3D modeling” is to use 3D production software to construct a model with 3D data through a virtual 3D space.

3D is the abbreviation of three-dimensional, that is, three-dimensional graphics. Displaying three-dimensional graphics in the plane is not like the real three-dimensional space in the real world, which has a real distance space. The computer only looks a lot like the real world, so the 3D graphics displayed on the computer look real to people.

One of the characteristics of the human eye is that it is larger when it is near and smaller than when it is far, so it will form a three-dimensional effect. The computer screen is flat and two-dimensional. The reason why we can appreciate the real three-dimensional images is that the difference in color grayscale when displayed on the computer screen causes the human eye to have a visual illusion, and perceives the two-dimensional computer screen as a three-dimensional image.

Rhino is a powerful professional 3D modeling software on PC developed by Robert McNeel & Assoc in the United States. It can be widely used in 3D animation production, industrial manufacturing, scientific research and mechanical design and other fields. Our products are made with Rhino software.

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